Engineering & Construction Business

The Company has set up 2 subsidiaries, Vintage EPC Company Limited and VTE International Construction Company Limited, to support Off-shore and On-shore EPC of the 25.56MW Solar Power Project in Biliran, the Philippines and 220MW Solar Power Project in Minbu, Myanmar

Power Plant Development Business

The Company has invested in 3 companies: Vintage Holding Japan Company Limited, Green Earth Power (Thailand) Company Limited, and Basic Energy Corporation*. Vintage Holding Japan Company Limited focuses on investing in renewable power plants in Japan while Green Earth Power (Thailand) Company Limited has been engaged in a development of 220MW solar power plant in Minbu, Myanmar. The Company also has a strong presence in the Philippines and has Basic Energy Corporation*, which holds rights to 5 geothermal projects, as a strategic partner.

*A listed company under the Philippine Stock Exchange

Other businesses

PT Sunhub Mining International and Worldmax Management Ltd. provide management services for coal mining, shipping, marketing, as well as domestic and international trading.

NOVA Asia Company Limited acts as business development and investment arm, which offers various type of financial advisory and consulting services including capital market products, financial advisory, loan management, investment banking, asset management business, feasibility study, and business planning.