Personal Data Protection Policy of website user

Meta Corporation Public Company Limited

Meta Corporation Public Company Limited had issued a personal data protection policy for users that use website. In order to protect the privacy of those who visit or use the website of the company, please be informed that this personal data protection policy might have changes which will be displayed on this website.

Scope of this policy

This policy covers the company’s practice on personal data that received or collected as a result of your visit or use of this website which personal data means personal data that specify identification of that person directly or indirectly but not including the information of the deceased in particular such as name, age, gender, nationality, identity card number or passport, address or office address, phone number or an e-mail address, etc. This policy does not apply to third party websites linked to the company’s website. or links from the company’s websites, so please understand the personal data protection policy provided by those websites.

Collection of personal data of users

Those who wish to use certain services operated via this website may require to provide your personal data as necessary to provide such services. Samples of actions in which a user is required to provide personal data is when the user wishes to apply for a job or any other transactions that may take place in the future. Please be aware that complaints that do not identify themselves or do not provide personal data related with the complaint may not able to proceed company’s investigation effectively and in case you choose to provide your personal data to the company, such personal data will be comply in accordance with this policy. Therefore, in order to enable the company to evaluate the efficiency of using this website for the benefit of improving the quality of service and compiling relevant statistics, the company will collect some additional information such as your IP address, type of browsing programs, the domain name of the internal web pages you visit, the duration of your visit and websites that you use before visiting the company’s website including other information as necessary for the intended use of personal data

Use, transferring and disclosure of personal data of users

Access and use of your personal data will be for the benefit of your job application or any other transactions that may occur in the future. The company may also collect, store, use and disclose the personal data of users from other organizations in order to achieve the aforementioned purposes of the company.

The company will not sell your personal data or exchange or disclose to any other person which is inconsistent with the purpose of collecting and storing of your personal data except for the following cases

  • It is the execution of the duties required by law, under court order, according to the order of the legal authority or any other case having similar characteristics or
  • Take necessary action in the event that it may compromise the safety of the welfare, life and body of other person or in case of violation of the terms and conditions of using company’s website
  • In the event that you want to obtain your personal data, please make the request through email: The company will provide information and details to you in a reasonable time However, doing so may incur expenses that you must be responsible for.

Correction of personal data

You can request correction of your personal data to be accurate and up to date by submitting a request through email: or take action according to the instructions given on the aforementioned webpage. However, please be informed that some revisions of the information will be valid only if the transaction being revised is correct and verified in the prescribed manner.

Security System

The Company has issued an order stipulating internal procedures regarding confidentiality and security of information. This includes determining the right to access and use the confidential information. In addition, the company also uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol to provide information communication between the user and the company through a secure communication channel.

Cookies policy

When you enter our website, any information related to your access to this website will be stored in the form of cookies. This Cookie Policy explains its meaning, functionality, purpose, including deleting and refusing to store cookies of your privacy. By accessing this website, it deems that you provide consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the cookie policy detailed below.

What is cookie

Cookies are small files collecting information by storing on computer device and / or communication device accessed by you, such as tablet, smartphone via web browser while entering our website. Company’s website may use cookie in some cases. Cookies are small files that store information that is exchanged between computer of the personal data owner and our website. The company use cookie only when storing information that might be useful to the personal data owner for the next usage when accessing company’s website. When the personal data owner accesses the web browner, the personal data owner can set accept or deny all cookies or notice the personal data owner when there has sending of cookies. The personal data owner can set on the menu “Help” in the browser to be acknowledged for changing method in using cookies. Please be informed that if you close cookies, it might affect some services of the personal data owner

How to use cookie

We use cookies to improve your experience and satisfaction by allowing us to quickly understand your feature usage and make our website easy to be accessed and more convenient. In some cases, we may require a third party to take action which may require Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) and Cookies for Statistical Analysis as well as linking information and evaluate according to marketing objectives

Types of cookies used

Types of cookies Details Sample
Persistent cookies These cookies help to continually improve your website experience, such as remembering your login, remembering the information you provide on the website. o    • JSESSIONID

o    • dc_gtm_UA-15158362-1

o    • cfduid

o    • CSRFToken

o    • accessToken

Analytical/Performance cookies These cookies allow us to measure performance, for example: processing number of pages you have accessed, the number of user group attribute. The information as mentioned will be used to analyze user’s behavior patterns. o    • Google Analytics

o    • Adobe

o    • CloudFlare

Advertising cookies This type of cookie will be saved on your device to store access information and the links you have visited and followed. Third-party cookies may also use information transmitted to online media and the content collected from the service in order to understand the needs of the users with the purpose of website customization and advertising campaigns to suit your interests o    • Adnuntius

o    • Adobe Audience Manager

o    • Adobe Target

o    • Cxense

o    • Google Analytics

o    • Relay42

Functional cookies These cookies provide convenience when you return to the website. We will use the information to customize the website according to your usage. o    • Google Analytics

Manage cookies

You can delete and deny collection of cookies by referring to the instructions provided for each web browser you use.

Changing cookies policy

This Cookie Policy may be revised occasionally to comply with the regulations. Therefore, we suggest you to make sure you understand the changes therein.

Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestion, kindly contact our company according to contact channel below

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