Project Company: E & P Green Energy, Inc.
Location: Biliran, Philippines
Area: 380,000 sq.m
Installed Capacity: 25MWDC
COD Approx.  Q2/2019
Role: EPC Contractor
Project Status: Under construction

Project Summary

25MW Biliran Solar Power Plant Project has been initiated by E & P Green Energy, INC. (“EPGEN”), a Filipino company established in November 2014. This Biliran project is to be constructed on the area of 38 hectares or 237 rai approximately located 1,115 KM away from south-west of Manila. META has invested in the project as a EPC contractor to supply, procure and design the layout of the plant. The investment is involved with a contract between META’s subsidiaries, Vintage EPC Co. Ltd. (VEPC) and EPGEN with the total value of USD 32.22 million. The project is currently under construction and estimated COD to be within Q4/2019.