Project Company: GEP (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.
Location: Minbu, Magway region, Myanmar
Area: 3,380,000 sq.m.
Installed Capacity: 220 MWDC
Annual Production: 350,000,000 kWh
COD: Phase I expected to COD within Q1/2019
Installation Type: Fixed Structure Jetion Modules SMA Inverter
Role: EPC Developer & Owner
Project Status: Under construction


The Minbu Solar Power Plant will be built over four phases, with a total installed capacity of 220MWDC and is considered to be a mega solar power plant. The project will be constructed on over 836 acres which is equivalent to 528 football stadiums making this to be the largest power plant in the ASEAN region. When complete, there will be a total of 700,000 solar panels all laid out across this massive site, being able to power over 200,000 households. Being designed as a world class power plant, only the finest of the equipment and the most advanced of the technologies shall be used in the Minbu Solar Power Plant.

Fact Sheet

More Supply
Electricity generation to supply power over 200,000 households

Go Bigger
One of the largest of solar power plant in Southeast Asia with land area as large as 528 football stadiums

Great Supporter
Promote renewable energy source in Myanmar of up to 30% by 2030 (support COP-21 Paris Agreement)

Clean Energy
CO2 greenhouse emission reduction over 570 million lbs./ year, or equivalent to planting 6.75 million trees