Project Company:
Location: Karatsu city, Saga Prefecture, Japan
Area: 75,000 sq.m.
Installed Capacity: 25 MWDC
Annual Production: approx. 180,000,000 kWh
Role: Owner
Project Status: Pre-Development

Project Summary

In recent years, Solar Power has rapidly spread its popularity as renewable energy over the world. However, Biomass Energy is also growing and getting acceptance worldwide with an organic supply and resources of waste from agriculture and construction activities as materials to produce energy.

In 2016, META has diverted its attention towards biomass alternative energy, and decided to conduct feasibility study of a 25 MW biomass power plant project that is located in Saga, a city on Kyushu Island. The project will be constructed on around 75,000 sq.m. of the area and currently is under development Stage.